Tale of the Deleted Source

A while back I had to send my laptop in to be repaired under AppleCare. Knowing full well what the problem was, I told them what was wrong and what I did to come to my conclusion. However, they still felt the need to erase my drive and prove themselves wrong. I ended up with a new logic board and new battery in addition to the empty hard drive.

Yes, I do backup. Every two days to a tape drive thanks to the nifty Retrospect backup client/server system. I thought my code tree was part of the stuff Retrospect was backing up, but upon restore, I realized only my Users directory was being backed up. All my VirtualDVHS work was under the Developer tree. Yeah, I know, it was pretty careless, and I was planning on posting the source code on this website. If I had, I’d still have it, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet, so I don’t have anything.

My full time job is as a student (Computer Science), so that needs to take priority. Once I have some free time, I will work on getting VirtualDVHS back to the functionality that the binary available on this site provides. I apologize for the inconvienence this may cause some of you, and have since made my source trees known to Retrospect.