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No More Sprint

Finally dumped Sprint due to a failed EVO 4G LTE. Ended up going to Verizon with a Galaxy S4. Yeah, one evil over the other, but the big thing was that Sprint’s service sucked rocks in a big way. They are literally the only major provider that does not have LTE service in my area. […]

Slow SMB Browsing with MacOS X

Ever since Apple dropped Samba and went with their own SMB stack in MacOS X the browsing performance suffered badly for SMB shares on a Debian server. After much searching the solution that finally worked was to set the following in smb.conf: socket options = IPTOS_LOWDELAY

The Cloud Fails Again…

Amazon AWS is suffering yet another outage, this time taking all of Netflix (and things like Instragram) down with it. 8:21 PM PDT We are investigating connectivity issues for a number of instances in the US-EAST-1 Region. 8:31 PM PDT We are investigating elevated errors rates for APIs in the US-EAST-1 (Northern Virginia) region, as […]

IPv6 with the HP AP420

I use an HP AP420 wireless access point at the office and a few other locations. Although certainly not as cheap as a low end Linksys, they’re probably some of the most reliable ones I’ve used and can be found on eBay these days for a great price. I did have one problem: it didn’t […]

Installing hp-snmp-agents on Debian 6.0 “squeeze”

I was installing the hp-snmp-agents package for a new server on a freshly installed Debian 6.0 “squeeze” server when it threw this error: Setting up hp-snmp-agents ( … insserv: Service snmp has to be enabled to start service hp-snmp-agents insserv: exiting now! update-rc.d: error: insserv rejected the script header Uh oh, it looks like there’s […]

IPv6 Milestone

Just this last week I finally converted my last IPv4-only transit into dual-stack. It’s long been a goal of mine to be 100% IPv6 native and it’s finally done.

Storing IPv6 Addresses in MySQL

Last year when I was searching for ways to overcome the lack of built-in IPv6 functions in MySQL, I was curious how other people were solving the problem. There are solutions out there that store IPv6 addresses across two database fields, but I find this unwieldy and prefer storing them as a single value. This […]

Netflix on Roku Bandwidth

What watching a movie (Tears of the Sun) on Netflix via my Roku box looks like: During a recent thread on NANOG, it was asserted that 2Mbps was sufficient for streaming, so I looked at my graphs to share my personal experience. The reported quality on the Roku was “four dots”. The scale is one […]