3FN Shut Down by the FCC

FTC Sues, Shuts Down N. Calif. Web Hosting Firm

And it looks like there’s a noticeable effect, although not as immediate as the McColo shutdown. I never see the mail pool load balancer CPU go this low during the day, especially on a weekday. Bandwidth did not change nearly as noticeably, but the load balancer CPU illustrates the packets-per-second impact.

3FN Shutdown


The decrease has continued and it feels a bit unsettling; it looks like something is broken, but the board is green, the phones are quiet, and the normal mailing list traffic keeps flowing. I’m sure it will eventually pick back up when the various botnets C&C is restored.


And for fun, here’s a graph of when McColo was shut down on Nov. 11, 2008 (RRD averaged out the fine points):