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Apple Magic Mouse 2 Recharges Stupidly

Having to charge an Apple Magic Mouse 2 with a cord has got to be the stupidest thing for a product you can buy in 2019. This is the perfect use case for wireless charging. I don’t care about a fancy charger built in to the mouse pad. With any standard charge pad (which I […]

Incoming SMS on a Multitech rCell 100

The Multitech rCell 100 is a neat little standalone device with an API that can be used for OOB access and to send or receive SMS messages for things like paging. I have Nagios using it to send SMS messages directly into the cellular network, avoiding gateways and cloud points of failure. However, I found […]

No More Sprint

Finally dumped Sprint due to a failed EVO 4G LTE. Ended up going to Verizon with a Galaxy S4. Yeah, one evil over the other, but the big thing was that Sprint’s service sucked rocks in a big way. They are literally the only major provider that does not have LTE service in my area. […]

Mass Effect 3

Warning: potential over-analysis of a video game follows. Plus if you haven’t played Mass Effect you’ll be completely confused. The Mass Effect series has been my favorite gaming trilogy as of late and so it was no question that I was going to start playing its final installment on release day. I dove into it […]

Great Success!

The Firearms: Source LAN release party was a great success for such short notice. High five!

Firearms: Source Release Party

Firearms has returned with its first new release after five years! To celebrate this awesome achievement, a Firearms: Source LAN party is being held to play the hell out of it. We will be taking advantage of the awesome bandwidth at rollernet and playing online (you really need at least 8 vs. 8 teams to […]

Sprint EVO, High Costs

I recently got an EVO from Sprint and wrote a little review about it. Ultimately I decided to return it. * The EVO is only allowed on your account if you have one of a handful of expensive service plans. You will be forced to change even if it does not benefit the other phones […]

Sprint EVO

I’ve had a long history of shitty HTC phones. Every one I’ve ever had in the past has been a slow, unusable piece of crap compared to the various Treos. So when I had a new Sprint EVO shipped to me I didn’t have high hopes for the device. However, I’m pleasantly surprised. The web […]