151 Front Street Fire

Not content to let the Fisher Plaza fire outdo it, the 151 Front Street carrier hotel in Toronto is on fire. As of this writing, whatever happened is apparently with 17 units and being called a 2-alarm fire:

151frontfire (http://www.toronto.ca/fire/cadinfo/livecad.htm)

Rumor was that Peer1’s suite is on fire, and this has been confirmed as “an issue” with “fire” on their status board. Reports currently range from just their suite to the whole building without power. I’m sure there will be more on this in the morning.

UPDATE: Peer1 originally said the whole building lost power:


But they since redacted that and are now saying just the 7th and 8th floors:


UPDATE 2: A post to the NANOG mailing list confirms that indeed the initial report by Peer1 was incorrect and they still had power (or power from the generator) to their 7th floor suite.

MORNING UPDATE: The problem was completely localized to Peer1 due to one of their UPS systems (most likely a battery) catching fire. Remember kids: keep your UPS systems in a separate room, inspect your batteries often, and install your distribution panels with an external bypass.