Firearms (the game) Returns

I don’t play video games very much. I can name the games I thoroughly enjoyed (Bungie’s Marathon, Myth, Myth II, Starcraft, Deus Ex, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Portal, just to name a few). However there is one multiplayer Half-Life mod that was the staple of LAN parties and one of my favorites: Firearms. It’s probably the only one I played online, and still have occasionally played to this day when I have time.

When the Source engine came out there was lots of talk to a successor for Firearms on Source. Some of the original team went to work on World at War and there was even a Firearms 2. There were accusations of stealing and other drama, but the only team that actually ended up with a release product was the Firearms:Source team. All the rest went defunct, lost interest, or disbanded.

I’ve always particularly enjoyed the “push” mode where you have to capture points/flags in order and hold them. Your reinforcements will always come from your base (none of this magic spawning at the forward point or arbitrary locations) so it gets progressively harder the further away you get. I also love to play with FF on. FF off is too boring.

On July 23 2010, Firearms will return.