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Sprint EVO, High Costs

I recently got an EVO from Sprint and wrote a little review about it. Ultimately I decided to return it. * The EVO is only allowed on your account if you have one of a handful of expensive service plans. You will be forced to change even if it does not benefit the other phones […]

iCakes? Really? *facepalm*

How I Remember Playgrounds

Plus the huge red rope pyramids, the horses on giant springs, the urine-smelling tube with a ladder inside it, climbing domes over hard packed dirt, and the splintery wood and metal multi-story structures of awesome.

Sprint EVO

I’ve had a long history of shitty HTC phones. Every one I’ve ever had in the past has been a slow, unusable piece of crap compared to the various Treos. So when I had a new Sprint EVO shipped to me I didn’t have high hopes for the device. However, I’m pleasantly surprised. The web […]

Now with IPv6

We are now IPv6 enabled and hosted at Roller Network.

YouTube Automatic Caption Fail

So Google added this automatic closed caption thing to YouTube where it runs the audio through their voice recognition thing and translates it. It certainly has some interesting results.