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Ethernet-based I/O

In my search to find cost effective I/O modules I came across ControlByWeb Ethernet I/O the other day. The product line is impressive and they’re reasonably priced. There’s digital input, analog input, temperature input, and relay outputs. Some have advanced features such as SNMP support, but at the bare minimum they all support HTTP/XML and […]

Zombie Playground

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Firearms: Source Release Party

Firearms has returned with its first new release after five years! To celebrate this awesome achievement, a Firearms: Source LAN party is being held to play the hell out of it. We will be taking advantage of the awesome bandwidth at rollernet and playing online (you really need at least 8 vs. 8 teams to […]

Only In SkyMall


Firearms (the game) Returns

I don’t play video games very much. I can name the games I thoroughly enjoyed (Bungie’s Marathon, Myth, Myth II, Starcraft, Deus Ex, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Portal, just to name a few). However there is one multiplayer Half-Life mod that was the staple of LAN parties and one […]

I Want to be A Cat

How I Remember Playgrounds

Plus the huge red rope pyramids, the horses on giant springs, the urine-smelling tube with a ladder inside it, climbing domes over hard packed dirt, and the splintery wood and metal multi-story structures of awesome.