Apple Magic Mouse 2 Recharges Stupidly

Having to charge an Apple Magic Mouse 2 with a cord has got to be the stupidest thing for a product you can buy in 2019. This is the perfect use case for wireless charging. I don’t care about a fancy charger built in to the mouse pad. With any standard charge pad (which I already have on my desk at work for my phone, for example) I can just pick up the mouse and set it on the charger when it needs to charge, then readily pick it up and move it back to the mouse pad to use it. None of this find a cable, plug in, unplug, deal with cable crap. Why oh why are we adding new cables to supposedly “wireless” products?

At least the AA batteries version didn’t force you to add a new cord to the mix (the charging cord) and I could use rechargeable batteries with that that swap faster than any recharge time on the Magic Mouse 2.

Magic Mouse 2 is literally a step back to corded mice. Charge wirelessly or get the fuck outta here with that noise.