Incoming SMS on a Multitech rCell 100

The Multitech rCell 100 is a neat little standalone device with an API that can be used for OOB access and to send or receive SMS messages for things like paging. I have Nagios using it to send SMS messages directly into the cellular network, avoiding gateways and cloud points of failure. However, I found that on Verizon SIM cards incoming SMS wouldn’t work to send commands to it. But there’s a way around that that’s probably faster than dealing with Verizon.

The issue seems to be no storage in the SIM for incoming SMS. I can change the smsd config in the rCell 100 to not use the SIM card for storage as follows after you SSH into the rCell.

Change filesystem to write mode:
mount -o remount,rw /

Edit the config file:
vi /etc/smsconfig

msg-store-read: SM
msg-store-send: SM
msg-store-new: SM

Change to:
msg-store-read: ME
msg-store-send: ME
msg-store-new: ME

Change filesystem back to read only:
mount -o remount,ro /

Restart the smsd process:
killall smsd && smsd