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18 Years After Challenger

Stress Testing a Linux Box

I came across this little utility called “tiobench” while looking for something to benchmark my RAID 5 array. It turns out that if you abuse the computer with it, you can also track down drive, controller and memory problems (which will be indicated with a kernel panic). If it runs with the most abusive settings […]

Component Video Switch

I came across this nifty device today: the Audio Authority Component audio/video switch. At sub-$200 prices, and the ability to handle optical and coax S/PDIF audio, it’s the most cost effective HD capable A/V switch I’ve seen to date.


I have finally succumbed. After many years of my interaction with the great networked world of computers, I have a weblog. I am not going to call it a “blog” because it sounds retarded. Yeah, I know the layout is the standard template and all, but I figure it like this: the standard template isn’t […]