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It looks like one of the TV stations here reads my HDTV in Reno page; I got an email yesterday about a correction in the information presented there. I’ve also gotten various emails from other people in the area about picking up the stations. Cool… It’s nice to know the page is useful. In other […]


I read Usenet groups. I had a newsreader on my computer, Thoth, but while I was reinstalling all my software today I discovered that Thoth is no longer available for download anywhere. Apparently they publisher just up and decided to stop distributing it, and pull links, too. How freaking retarded is that? They get a […]


I accidentally deleted all the sources for my VirtualDVHS project. And I was keeping them outside of the directory tree that gets backed up. Damn. I guess I get to start over from scratch when I can find time to do so. In the meantime, the last binary version I had compiled is still available, […]

‘It’s Time to Soar Again’

Commentary from Jim Lovell on the space program.