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Abbie “Mini Mew” (2003 – June 10, 2011)

This is Abbie, but I always nickname them, so hers was “Mini Mew”. Yesterday she was put to sleep after treatment for kidney failure and ultimately complete failure. Here’s a few pictures I had of her. Unfortunately she liked to hide a lot and after I moved out of my parent’s house I only saw […]

Rant of the Year Canidate

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Dismisses the Importance of Privacy

This statement by Google’s CEO is quite indicative of how they really feel about your personal information. Yesterday, the web was buzzing with commentary about Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s dangerous, dismissive response to concerns about search engine users’ privacy. When asked during an interview for CNBC’s recent “Inside the Mind of Google” special about whether […]

New T-Mobile Feature

How To Ship Packages to Reno

UPS Ground packages make it from Las Vegas, NV to Reno, NV by way of Utah. I wonder if anyone ever drives to Vegas using crazy out of the way routes like this because they stick to interstates. Central Nevada’s roads are actually in damn good condition; typically better than the interstates.


Only obscure if you weren’t there or haven’t heard the story.

Defacing the Sears Tower

Coming this summer 2009: the Willis Tower. What the hell? That’s right folks, they’re going to rename the Sears Tower because some new tenant from the UK decided they want their name on it. I mean seriously, why deface such an iconic landmark? Sears built it, not you. Maybe you should do something that that’s […]

Reno is Boring

Nothing exciting ever happens here. While the rest of the country has had ice storms, floods, tornadoes, gas shortages, hurricanes, rolling blackouts and more in recent months, absolutely nothing has happened here in good ol’ Reno.