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The Cloud Fails Again…

Amazon AWS is suffering yet another outage, this time taking all of Netflix (and things like Instragram) down with it. 8:21 PM PDT We are investigating connectivity issues for a number of instances in the US-EAST-1 Region. 8:31 PM PDT We are investigating elevated errors rates for APIs in the US-EAST-1 (Northern Virginia) region, as […]

Sprint EVO, High Costs

I recently got an EVO from Sprint and wrote a little review about it. Ultimately I decided to return it. * The EVO is only allowed on your account if you have one of a handful of expensive service plans. You will be forced to change even if it does not benefit the other phones […]

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Dismisses the Importance of Privacy

This statement by Google’s CEO is quite indicative of how they really feel about your personal information. Yesterday, the web was buzzing with commentary about Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s dangerous, dismissive response to concerns about search engine users’ privacy. When asked during an interview for CNBC’s recent “Inside the Mind of Google” special about whether […]

Verizon Refuses to Provide Complete IPv6

Verizon Refuses to Provide Complete IPv6

GM Gets Free Pass on Site Cleanup

GM’s government-organized bankruptcy just might have freed them of the requirement to clean up their old sites by leaving “unwanted assets” behind. Expensive toxic sites aren’t usually on anyone’s Christmas list. Detroit Free Press: GM gets to dump its polluted sites (broken) archive link

Defacing the Sears Tower

Coming this summer 2009: the Willis Tower. What the hell? That’s right folks, they’re going to rename the Sears Tower because some new tenant from the UK decided they want their name on it. I mean seriously, why deface such an iconic landmark? Sears built it, not you. Maybe you should do something that that’s […]

Google Changes to Windows Logo

It looks like whoever designed Google’s new favicon took the Windows logo, rotated it 90 degrees, got rid of the gradients, and stuck a lowercase “g” on it. Good job. (Not.)

The Not-So-Green Group

So there’s this company in Reno, NV that’s pretending to be green by doing pointless things like using quality “green” wood that splits when you blow on it and “green” soybean concrete floor sealer that comes off with electrical tape. We’ll call this company The “Green” Group. Normally part of being “green” is to recycle. […]