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Poorly performing Sprint Mogul

My $dayjob bought a new Sprint Mogul (also known as the HTC Titan, or PPC-6800) to replace my personal Treo 700wx. The general verdict is that the performance of the device absolutely sucks compared to my Treo. Screen redraws and UI updates are so slow, the device may lock up or misinterpret input. Today, I […]

MacOS X Login with 802.1x

At my $dayjob, I created a fancy unified login system with OpenLDAP and NFS mounts for all the computers. (General details of which I’ll put online when I have some spare time.) So I wanted to add another layer of fun: 802.1X network authentication. In my case, it’s only for wireless (using an HP 420 […]

Debian dovecot-auth case for init script

Debian’s init script for Dovecot doesn’t cover the dovecot-auth only case (i.e. “protocols = none”). I’m starting to use dovecot-auth to handle auth requests from Postfix (it does do better than SASL in for my needs), and since I like keeping things consistent with system startup and shutdown, I changed the init script. Also submitted […]