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Verizon Refuses to Provide Complete IPv6

Verizon Refuses to Provide Complete IPv6

IPv6 on a Cisco 877W

I have an 877W that I was learning the ins and outs of configuring IPv6 for the first time on. Sadly, I managed to brick the poor thing and left myself without internet at home (until I get the smartnet rma). Anyway, I posted my tale to the cisco-nsp list and received this helpful config […]

OpenOffice on the Mac

I’ve been using OpenOffice on Windows lately and I must say they’ve come a long way from when I first tried it years and year ago. However, their Mac version from requires X11, and well, it’s not as awesome of an experience as it is on Windows. Fortunately there’s NeoOffice which is very usable […]

Cisco Aux Line Dialin Config

line aux 0 modem InOut transport input all stopbits 1 speed 57600 flowcontrol hardware I prefer using AAA for authorization instead of line passwords.

Exporting and Importing RRD Files

If you ever need to move binary RRD files between architectures, you need to dump them to XML on the old host and restore them as binary on the new host. The following bash loops do this quickly and simply. Converting binary RRD files to ASCII XML: for x in `ls *.rrd`; do NAME=”$(echo “${x}” […]

Etch on a Dell R200

I wanted to run Etch on a new Dell R200, but the installer couldn’t detect the SATA-based DVD drive. Found this:

Debian dovecot-auth case for init script

Debian’s init script for Dovecot doesn’t cover the dovecot-auth only case (i.e. “protocols = none”). I’m starting to use dovecot-auth to handle auth requests from Postfix (it does do better than SASL in for my needs), and since I like keeping things consistent with system startup and shutdown, I changed the init script. Also submitted […]

spam vs. SPAM It seems that Hormel (makers of a fine luncheon meat) lost a trademark battle with a company using “Spam” in their name. Hormel has always been good humored about the use of spam vs. Spam vs. SPAM, including the Monty Python skit, and it’s sad to see stupid companies (like spamarrest, which is also […]