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Wind Farms are F’n Ugly

The shuttle is cool, but unfortunately the backdrop is this horrible wind farm visual abortion. (Source: Spaceflight Now) That’s not Florida, you say? You’re right. This is one of the extremely rare instances where the shuttle landed in California due to weather at the primary landing site.

Some things never change…

So the other day at $dayjob, the CEO and tech manager at my $oldjob (which $dayjob had been using as an ISP) walked into our building and accused $dayjob of stealing/destroying their equipment because some T1’s went down. The equipment probably hasn’t moved in over 8 years, and it was still in the same damn […]

PETA Wants to Kill Your Pets

I normally don’t post stuff like this online, but this made me really sad, especially since I have a soft spot for cats: “According to veterinarian Patrick Proctor, the PETA people told North Carolina shelters they would try to find the dogs and cats homes. He handed over two adoptable kittens and their mother, only […]