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DTV Transition Flow Chart

I absolutely love this.

How To Ship Packages to Reno

UPS Ground packages make it from Las Vegas, NV to Reno, NV by way of Utah. I wonder if anyone ever drives to Vegas using crazy out of the way routes like this because they stick to interstates. Central Nevada’s roads are actually in damn good condition; typically better than the interstates.

LVM Snapshot Performance

I can across this that’s worth sharing regarding LVM snapshot performance pitfalls. The trick is chunk sizes, although ultimately it’s still copy-on-write. I never use LVM snapshots long term anyway; just freeze fs, snapshot, unfreeze fs, do whatever, destroy snapshot. Another trick is to put the snapshot on a physically separate device from the […]

How Not To Back Up Your Data

Here’s a lesson to everyone out there: backups mean keeping your data offline, not on another server connected to the internet. Online backups (such as through rsync) can be good for supplemental backups, but should not be relied on alone if what you’re backing up is really really really really important.


Only obscure if you weren’t there or haven’t heard the story.

Portmaster 3 as a T1 Router

Once in a while I need to use point-to-point T1 links to connect two sites. Even in today’s world of broadband, a T1 still has lower latency and a higher “upload” rate than VPN over broadband accounts. Here’s how to configure two old Portmaster 3’s to connect back to back: Side A: set line1 t1 […]

Linux Firewall Helper

I never really managed to wrap my head around Linux iptables. I can understand pf in BSD without trying too hard, but iptables is in a world of its own. Since I spend most of my time using Cisco routers, there’s not any real incentive for me to learn iptables for the once in a […]

Defacing the Sears Tower

Coming this summer 2009: the Willis Tower. What the hell? That’s right folks, they’re going to rename the Sears Tower because some new tenant from the UK decided they want their name on it. I mean seriously, why deface such an iconic landmark? Sears built it, not you. Maybe you should do something that that’s […]