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Rant of the Year Canidate

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Dismisses the Importance of Privacy

This statement by Google’s CEO is quite indicative of how they really feel about your personal information. Yesterday, the web was buzzing with commentary about Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s dangerous, dismissive response to concerns about search engine users’ privacy. When asked during an interview for CNBC’s recent “Inside the Mind of Google” special about whether […]

New T-Mobile Feature

We’re Back

We were offline for a while because our new ISP gave us a DSL modem that blocked all port 80 requests. We had to switch away from AT&T after 10 years because they started using Reno as a test market for charging $1 per GB of transfer (upload + download).

AT&T Now Censoring the Internet

It just came across NANOG that AT&T is filtering (on DSL accounts) content. The only one I’m aware of at this writing is 4chan. I won’t disagree that some questionable stuff comes across there, but I do object to AT&T deciding what content is allowed over their services. Don’t like 4chan? Then don’t go there. […]

Congressman has bill ready to give FTC veto on ISP data caps

Congressman has bill ready to give FTC veto on ISP data caps FTA: In a press conference today, Massa reiterated both of these, saying that “volume-based pricing is detrimental to our economy,” and highlighting how doctors who tried to work from home could have been hit hard by the usage fees. So, internet access should […]

3FN Shut Down by the FCC

FTC Sues, Shuts Down N. Calif. Web Hosting Firm And it looks like there’s a noticeable effect, although not as immediate as the McColo shutdown. I never see the mail pool load balancer CPU go this low during the day, especially on a weekday. Bandwidth did not change nearly as noticeably, but the load balancer […]

StarTech (Rayon) RS422/485 Serial Driver

Working on Linux kernel serial drivers is not something I normally do – or have ever actually done before – but I found myself needing to update a kernel module last month to compile under the 2.6.26 serial driver model. It turned out to be a success, so I’ve decided to share it with anyone […]