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New T-Mobile Feature

We’re Back

We were offline for a while because our new ISP gave us a DSL modem that blocked all port 80 requests. We had to switch away from AT&T after 10 years because they started using Reno as a test market for charging $1 per GB of transfer (upload + download).

AT&T Now Censoring the Internet

It just came across NANOG that AT&T is filtering (on DSL accounts) content. The only one I’m aware of at this writing is 4chan. I won’t disagree that some questionable stuff comes across there, but I do object to AT&T deciding what content is allowed over their services. Don’t like 4chan? Then don’t go there. […]

Congressman has bill ready to give FTC veto on ISP data caps

Congressman has bill ready to give FTC veto on ISP data caps FTA: In a press conference today, Massa reiterated both of these, saying that “volume-based pricing is detrimental to our economy,” and highlighting how doctors who tried to work from home could have been hit hard by the usage fees. So, internet access should […]

3FN Shut Down by the FCC

FTC Sues, Shuts Down N. Calif. Web Hosting Firm And it looks like there’s a noticeable effect, although not as immediate as the McColo shutdown. I never see the mail pool load balancer CPU go this low during the day, especially on a weekday. Bandwidth did not change nearly as noticeably, but the load balancer […]

StarTech (Rayon) RS422/485 Serial Driver

Working on Linux kernel serial drivers is not something I normally do – or have ever actually done before – but I found myself needing to update a kernel module last month to compile under the 2.6.26 serial driver model. It turned out to be a success, so I’ve decided to share it with anyone […]

DTV Transition Flow Chart

I absolutely love this.

How To Ship Packages to Reno

UPS Ground packages make it from Las Vegas, NV to Reno, NV by way of Utah. I wonder if anyone ever drives to Vegas using crazy out of the way routes like this because they stick to interstates. Central Nevada’s roads are actually in damn good condition; typically better than the interstates.