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How did Bush do it?

Everyone seems to blame Bush for the economy; a huge chunk of that is the so-called “housing crisis”. But it does make me wonder, how did Bush make all those people sign for mortgages they couldn’t afford?

AT&T DSL without a phone?

Must have missed the memo on this one:

Alas, $dayjob

I’ve left my $dayjob, opting to keep them as a client of my corporation so I can focus on things with larger growth potential. So I won’t be posting awesome things I’ve created at $dayjob anymore (part of why I quit is because I couldn’t create awesomeness anymore, thus killing my interest in $dayjob). However, […]

Some things never change…

So the other day at $dayjob, the CEO and tech manager at my $oldjob (which $dayjob had been using as an ISP) walked into our building and accused $dayjob of stealing/destroying their equipment because some T1’s went down. The equipment probably hasn’t moved in over 8 years, and it was still in the same damn […]

Poorly performing Sprint Mogul

My $dayjob bought a new Sprint Mogul (also known as the HTC Titan, or PPC-6800) to replace my personal Treo 700wx. The general verdict is that the performance of the device absolutely sucks compared to my Treo. Screen redraws and UI updates are so slow, the device may lock up or misinterpret input. Today, I […]

The Daily WTF:

(clicky to enlarge)

Starbuck’s Coffee

From a Photoshop contest on Fark: Credit goes to farker itsdan.

Cats Talking

Because I like cats: