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Verizon Refuses to Provide Complete IPv6

Verizon Refuses to Provide Complete IPv6

151 Front Street Fire

Not content to let the Fisher Plaza fire outdo it, the 151 Front Street carrier hotel in Toronto is on fire. As of this writing, whatever happened is apparently with 17 units and being called a 2-alarm fire: ( Rumor was that Peer1’s suite is on fire, and this has been confirmed as “an issue” […]

AUTHORIZE.NET Claims Redundancy During Outage

There was an electrical fire this morning at Fisher Plaza in Seattle (“the only mission-critical business community in the Northwest” according to their Google search summary as is down) resulting in a full outage. The news reports a vault fire, while another source on NANOG says generator transfer switch fire. Could be both as […]

Portmaster 3 as a T1 Router

Once in a while I need to use point-to-point T1 links to connect two sites. Even in today’s world of broadband, a T1 still has lower latency and a higher “upload” rate than VPN over broadband accounts. Here’s how to configure two old Portmaster 3’s to connect back to back: Side A: set line1 t1 […]

Linux Firewall Helper

I never really managed to wrap my head around Linux iptables. I can understand pf in BSD without trying too hard, but iptables is in a world of its own. Since I spend most of my time using Cisco routers, there’s not any real incentive for me to learn iptables for the once in a […]

Xen + VLAN on Debian

Here’s how I put a Xen DomU on a VLAN in Debian. eth0 is connected to a trunk port on the switch, and the untagged vlan is used for dom0 connectivity. You shoud already know how to do this part. Tagged VLANs are assigned to bridge groups on the dom0. In your /etc/network/interfaces do the […]

IPv6 on a Cisco 877W

I have an 877W that I was learning the ins and outs of configuring IPv6 for the first time on. Sadly, I managed to brick the poor thing and left myself without internet at home (until I get the smartnet rma). Anyway, I posted my tale to the cisco-nsp list and received this helpful config […]

OpenOffice on the Mac

I’ve been using OpenOffice on Windows lately and I must say they’ve come a long way from when I first tried it years and year ago. However, their Mac version from requires X11, and well, it’s not as awesome of an experience as it is on Windows. Fortunately there’s NeoOffice which is very usable […]