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Poor 3ware Performance Fix (in some cases)

While I’m on the topic of 3ware cards and performance issues (or lack of performance thereof) I thought I’d share this as well: [SCSI] 3w-9xxx: fix abysmal write performance on some motherboards The fix is as simple as grabbing the driver source from 3ware and inserting a call to pci_try_set_mwi() right after pci_set_master() as some […]

AT&T DSL without a phone?

Must have missed the memo on this one:

Cisco Aux Line Dialin Config

line aux 0 modem InOut transport input all stopbits 1 speed 57600 flowcontrol hardware I prefer using AAA for authorization instead of line passwords.

Exporting and Importing RRD Files

If you ever need to move binary RRD files between architectures, you need to dump them to XML on the old host and restore them as binary on the new host. The following bash loops do this quickly and simply. Converting binary RRD files to ASCII XML: for x in `ls *.rrd`; do NAME=”$(echo “${x}” […]

Etch on a Dell R200

I wanted to run Etch on a new Dell R200, but the installer couldn’t detect the SATA-based DVD drive. Found this:

TFTP Server for Windows

I needed a TFTP server for Windows that didn’t completely infuriate me, so after many candidates, I settled on SolarWinds TFTP Server. Just sharing.

Update: MacOS X Login with 802.1x

I’ve received a lot of comments on my MacOS X Login with 802.1x post, so it’s time for an update! I have no idea what the real XML structure for loginwindow is. What I have is some trial and error, fragments from searches, and adding the items using ‘defaults write’. Some (most?) of it can […]

Some things never change…

So the other day at $dayjob, the CEO and tech manager at my $oldjob (which $dayjob had been using as an ISP) walked into our building and accused $dayjob of stealing/destroying their equipment because some T1’s went down. The equipment probably hasn’t moved in over 8 years, and it was still in the same damn […]